Smoking cessation support tools

There are different smoking cessation support tools smokers can use during their quit attempt, but only evidence-based support tools have been shown to improve the chances of quitting. Evidence-based smoking cessation tools can be divided in two categories: 1) behavioral support by a health professional and 2) pharmacological support, e.g. prescribed medication or nicotine replacement therapy.

However, in the Netherlands the use of evidence-based smoking cessation support tools is low, as is Dutch smokers’ knowledge regarding the existence of such tools. This results in Dutch smokers being as likely to use a non-evidence-based cessation tool as they are to use one with evidence-based efficacy, which reduces their chances of successfully quitting smoking.

What is Visor?

Visor is a project of Maastricht University financed by the Dutch Cancer Society. The aim of this project is to develop and evaluate an online decision aid to support smokers in making an informed decision regarding the use of an evidence-based smoking cessation tool to aid their quit attempt. Such decision aids have been shown to be effective in facilitating informed decision-making in health care generally and might also be effective in smoking cessation.